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Dear Buddy,

Posted: 20170607 in Mason
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You’re not so little anymore. Today, we were traveling from Tallahassee to Brookhaven to see BJ & Pawpaw. We stopped at a gas station, and mom changed your diaper in the front seat of the truck. I was pumping gas and Granny (my mom) was standing next to me. Jackie left you in the front seat by yourself and came around to open the driver side rear door. I finished pumping the gas and noticed you were now in the driver seat pushing all the buttons. I closed the rear door to open the driver door, and you had locked the doors. You locked yourself inside with all of the phones and keys. 

You didn’t really have a reason to be upset. You didn’t know exactly what was going on but I think you could tell something was off. You listened to directions from your mother and me for over ten minutes. You pressed the buttons we told you to press as best you could. You picked up the bag of chocolate chip cookies about half way through and I think asked if you could have one. I’m sorry for telling you to drop them. I’m pretty sure you thought changing the gear shift would help. You pointed at it for a while and said something and then went over to try it. It would have been comical if your mother and I weren’t about to lose our effin minds. I could tell you were trying to help. I think you’re incredibly smart. 

You surprise me everyday with things you say and do. While we were crossing the train tracks behind the Home Depot in Brookhaven, you said, “Train tracks!” It caught me off guard. 

I promise I’ll write more often. I feel ashamed. We closed on our house a couple weeks ago. It has slowed down a little, but I’m about to ramp it up again. I’ve got Jackie’s cousin Ben helping me build fences. I’m going to buy a trailer and an auger and maybe start advertising. Some days I really want to go overboard with KLD. Some days I just want to close it all down.



Just got to BJ & Pawpaw’s house tonight