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Ah yes. The internet. It’s a evil mistress that never forgets.

The problem with the internet is the way it makes people act. The internet takes the average human being, like you and me and everybody we went to high school with, and makes them pretend to be experts. The internet is a fantasy world where you can pretend to be experts on forums for firearms and self-defense tactics, experts on car and truck forums, experts on Facebook preaching your religion, your politics, your science. It’s never ending really. It’s virtual-reality. These people aren’t like this in real life.

The IFLScience crowd are so fast paced – they don’t even read the articles. They read the titles of the articles, they feel like they’ve got the general idea of what’s going on already, they repost the article with a snarky comment so like minded readers can do the same.

The internet contains billions of pages of information to teach you anything. What do people use it for? To look at endless pages of cat memes.

The internet is a megaphone. The internet lets insignificant people reach a significant amount of people. It allows you to look inside people’s personalities that you don’t care about looking inside of. What are they really like? What kind of person do they really wish they were? People can be whatever they want online. They can post completely named pictures of themselves like on the Chive or Playboy. They can bash other religions like the Westboro Baptist Church or extremist Sunni Muslims.

In the old days, confrontation was more polite because of the risk of physical injury. Now that that’s gone, people can be as rude and hateful as possible – to people they’ve never met – and get away with it. It’s virtual-reality.